A story about the definite connection between love and grief

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Red flags you should watch out for

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And it changed my perspective on love.

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Free your mind from impeding thoughts and live a self-determined life.

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Am I doing this for me? Genuinely?

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Solitude—even if involuntary—gives us the opportunity to find out who we truly are. Here are some ways to make the best of it.

Woman walking on rocks at the ocean.
Woman walking on rocks at the ocean.
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The unexpected outcome of our open relationship

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Shift the admiration to yourself.

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This is how I ended up with my dream-job(s).

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Giving up my favorite food turned out to be the best decision.

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Manuela Putz

Passionate Yoga Teacher / Vienna Based / Middle School Teacher / Join my newsletter: https://athayogamanu.ck.page/653edb5dbb

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